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Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

Dog Walking

Many dogs do not get enough exercise just like us. When dogs do not get enough exercise, they get bored. A bored dog does not listen to commands and often becomes destructive, looking for ways to occupy himself and/or get your attention! Magnum Petcare can help to alleviate this issue by providing daily walks along with socializing with people and other dogs.

One hour group walk - $22.00

Half hour private walk - $22.00

Deals 5 group walks per week -  $100.00


*weekends & holidays, add $5.00 per walk

Pet Visits

Pet visits are provided for cats and young puppies that cannot go on long walks. We will come to your house for a half hour visit to take them out for a washroom break,  feed them if needed, change water, clean litter boxes and provide some play time.  This service can be used for elderly dogs and/or dogs that cannot be taken out for walks for one reason or another as well as for cats and other pets.

Half hour pet visit - $25.00

Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!

Selective In-Home Boarding

We provide selecive in home boarding for approved dogs. We do this in our own home. A maximum of two dogs boarded at a time.


Selective in home boarding - $50.00 per day.

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